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Before You Take Adderall, You Have To Watch This
Adderall and other prescription stimulant drugs are common in college, especially during finals week... ...
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The Adderall Generation [Short Documentary]
wwwBootlegProductionsOnlinecom SCAD 2011 'Directing the Documentary' final on Adderall abuse Music B... ...
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Shit Adderall Kids Say
Filmed and Edited by Kia Zomorrodi Starring Emilio Durand What goes down on the usual college campus... ...
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Adderall and Lamborghinis
This video isnt medical advice Its just my experience with Adderall both positive and negative I try... ...
Added By: DormProblems
Effects of Adderall (The Study Drug)
Adderall (the drug used notoriously by college students to study for long periods of time) is explai... ...
Added By: Rob Dahm
Adderall Can It Boost Your GPA?
Adderall, a prescription stimulant indicated for ADHD, is abused by at least 20 of college students ... ...
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Adderall Documentary
http//wwwstudypillsnet ...
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How Does Adderall Make Me Feel?
Any questions? Feel free to tweet me at @_albertmather for a quick response ...
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How does Adderall Change the Behaviors Associated with ADHD? Neural Signaling--Neurotransmitters
An educational video about neurotransmitter signaling, ADHD and Adderall ...
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Silicon Valley (Adderall)
Only on HBO ...
Added By: Michael Cuje
Adderall and Fasting
CHECK OUT OUR NEW GYM APPAREL AT http//officialhodgetwinscom/ FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM http//instagram... ...
Added By: Kenneth Buck
Adderall vs Vyvanse
Pros and Cons of each drug disclaimer I am not associated in any way with the drug or the company I ... ...
Added By: FastingTwins
Are Students Abusing Adderall?
Drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are used by students to treat ADHD The drugs are intended ... ...
Added By: MarionF
The Effects of Adderall XR on me
This is for my own purpose and maybe it will help you under stand the drug and its effects on the hu... ...
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Modafinil vs Adderall
This is a review based my personal experiences This is not intended to replace medical advice or to ... ...
Added By: Rodney Mushero
Young Man Tells of His LIfe on Adderall & Ritalin
Young people, all over the world, are being prescribed mental health drugs Their parents are never t... ...
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10 Milligrams Adderall Use on Campus - Markkula Center
How prevalent is stimulant drug use on college campuses? Is it ethical to use stimulants if you don'... ...
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Adderall The Study Drug
An informational documentary on the prescription drug Adderall for my Film Lit class with Jack and Tom ...
Added By: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
aka the effects of all nighters, brought you by Adderall haha the comment where i say like i feel li... ...
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Dangers of Adderall Addiction Among Moms
Nightline investigates an overstressed mom who was stealing her kid's meds ...
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Adderall - The Study Pill
This video presentation was part of a group project done for our Gateway to Media Class at the Unive... ...
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Ritalin vs Adderall - by A Woman Entrepreneur with ADD
http//wwwprettyceocom This video is for career women with ADD attention deficit disorder or any woma... ...
Added By: Jason Williams
my experience with adderall
this is just MY experience with adderall I made this video a while ago and I am NOT a medical professional nor am I pretending to be **** ...
Added By: Ariadna Jacob
Adderall Withdrawal and Adderall Detox
http//CSWForg/ Adderall Withdrawal & Adderall Detox - Take the first step toward drug or alcohol... ...
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How addictive is adderall?
Dr Edward Fruitman, MD answers a question How addictive is Adderall? Trifecta Health specializes in ... ...
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