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Flite Test - Bixler 2 - REVIEW
The original EPO Foam flyer, The Bixler, has a new brother The Bixler 2! Featuring a larger wingspan... ...
Added By: YouTube
Flite Test - The Bixler - REVIEW
This week the Joshes return, with the flight review we were denied last episode Josh Bixler hand lau... ...
Added By: FliteTest
Flite Test - The Bixler Build - PROJECT
Flite Test - The Bixler Build - PROJECT The Bixler Build Although Josh S still envies Bixler for hav... ...
Added By: FliteTest
Bixler 2 Motor Upgrade (Part 1)
If you are intending to purchase this plane or parts based on my video, please do so with the suppli... ...
Added By: FliteTest
HobbyKing Bixler Modified
Fun in the park with a few upgrades I added to this cool trainer ...
Added By: dhdsracer
Flite Test - Who is Josh Bixler
Flite Test - Who is Josh Bixler Watch new Flite Test episodes every monday at 5 pm EST! In this epis... ...
Added By: Mach1Airspace
Flite Test - DIY Landing Gear - FPV Bixler!
Here's an easy way to add landing gear to almost any RC airplane! Josh and Josh share one of many wa... ...
Added By: FliteTest
GoPro HD - FPV Bixler to 3019m! Amazing view!
Full Length Unedited GoPro HD Bixler Flight to 3019m Skip to 1400 to go right to 3019m Not much to say The view is incredible The north half ...
Added By: FliteTest
Bixler 11 RC PLane First Time Fly and Crash!
a good friend of mine just bought a BIXLER 11 RC airplane and we took it out to fly it to my knowle... ...
Added By: fpvcanucks
Bixler 2 build and Flap fix
For pictures and more check out the Jackismycopilot Facebook page https//wwwfacebookcom/#!/pages/Jac... ...
Added By: GoProTabers
RC Bixler Plane Maiden Flight
First flight for the plane and pilot Obviously Josh Scott would approve ...
Added By: JackIsMyCopilot
Decided to use a HK Bixler as my latest FPV platform Its a little too slow for my liking ...
Added By: gurcsik
Norio pilots the Bixler tilt rotor flying around nasa
Norio testing bobs tilt rotor on the NASA runway ...
Added By: rctestflight
How To Assemble the HobbyKing Bixler KIT version Step By Step Guide
Dear Youtuber Thank you for watching Below you will find all needed products if you are thinking of ... ...
Added By: wcolby
Hobbyking Bixler 2- Tips, Trips, & Modifications
A few things I do for my Hobbyking Bixler 2 I think it makes it a better plane 1) Rubber band wing j... ...
Added By: GuteBysen
Bixler v11 Unboxing
This is an unboxing of the latest version of the Hobby King Bixler version 11 I am also comparing th... ...
Added By: theRCexperiment
Cloud Surfing FPV - Bixler 2
First time I flew into a cloud! Used OSD info to turn around and fly back out Did this at 2 Mi / 32 ... ...
Added By: Direct Current Flying
Bixler 2 Launches Rocket Glider
We modified a small foam glider so it was powered with an ESTES solid fuel rocket We then attached i... ...
Added By: Skyside FPV
Bixler vs AXN
Comparing the Hobbyking Bixler with the AXN Clouds Fly Floater Jet Both planes were from Hobbyking, ... ...
Added By: Jim Russell
FPV-Bixler 11 Cloud surfing
This time i reached the clouds! Incredible indescribable experience! But the video says more than 10... ...
Added By: FlyingMerf
HobbyKing Bixler V1 - Build, Mods & Maiden Flight
This is a video showing some of the build of my kit Bixler, then its maiden flight I have used a HK ... ...
Added By: FPV Chris
Bixler 2 FPV Setup with Rangelink, Fatshark, HK Mini OSD, 600tvl Sony HAD Cam and Sunsky Video TX
Edit 11/16/13 About 50 flights later and this setup is still going strong and working great I have made a couple changes to my original setup list 1 ...
Added By: pilot74sparki
HobbyKing Daily - HK Bixler 2 RTF
Hobbyking Bixler 2 EPO 1500mm Ready to Fly w/Optional Flaps - Mode 2 (RTF ) http//wwwhobbykingcom/ho... ...
Added By: wildernesseric
Bixler 2 Build Tour
A sort of quick tour of the Hobby King Bixler 2 as I have it currently built along with a few though... ...
Added By: HobbyKing Live
Bixler 2 Repairs and Center of Gravity Balancing
Finished repairing my Bixler 2 after a nose-in crash due to bad CG and elevator setup Installed flap... ...
Added By: HeliDragon510
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