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Five Stupid Things About Conservatives
They hold fast to their principles of American exceptionalism and rugged individualism, and don't se... ...
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The moral roots of liberals and conservatives - Jonathan Haidt
View full lesson http//edtedcom/lessons/jonathan-haidt-on-the-moral-roots-of-liberals-and-conversati... ...
Added By: Steve Shives
Conservatives vs Liberals (feat Jaclyn Glenn)
Experian Marketing Services conducted a rolling survey to determine whether there are any patterns i... ...
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Top 10 Angry US Conservatives
These are the aggressive voices of the right http//wwwWatchMojocom counts down the Top 10 Most Comba... ...
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Conservatives Owning Liberals
http//conservativewikiacom/wiki/Conservative_Wiki Just some of the best moments of Conservative patriots pwning Liberals ...
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Conservatives Explain How Obama's Immigration Policy Is Just Like Hitler
After President Obama announced executive action on immigration reform, a range of conservative comm... ...
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Who Are the Racists Conservatives or Liberals?
To call someone a racist is a serious charge A racist is someone who believes that one person is sup... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
Immigration Cartoon Is Everything Wrong With Conservatives
Responding to criticism that a cartoon depicting undocumented immigrants coming through a window to ... ...
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Stossel - Libertarians Vs Conservatives
One third of young people who left organized religion did so because of anti-gay teachings or treatm... ...
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(Really) Bad News For Religious Conservatives
Conservatives and liberals disagree on many topics in the world of politics Are their brains wired d... ...
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How Are Conservative And Liberal Brains Different?
Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choic... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
Jonathan Haidt The moral roots of liberals and conservatives
Left-wing's latest target Black Conservatives Dr Ben Carson, Deneen Borelli, David Webb and a tremen... ...
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Hannity Special On African American Conservatives - COMPLETE - 4-8-13
Prime Minister David Cameron's keynote speech at Conservative Party Conference 2014 ...
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David Cameron Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2014
Pew Research has a new study out today on, among other things, which news outlets are the most and l... ...
Added By: Steven Laboe
Conservatives Trust News Like This, Liberals Trust News Like That
Why Black Conservatives Are Hated By Liberals, Booker T Washington, Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarenc... ...
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Why Black Conservatives Are Hated By Liberals
Deneen Borelli, David Webb, Star Parker, Sonnie Johnson, Wayne Dupree and a tremendous line-up of Af... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
African American Conservatives Townhall - COMPLETE - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 6-21-13
WHO is happier about life — liberals or conservatives? The answer might seem straightforward After... ...
Added By: Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time
Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?
Could it be that all conservatives ARE SECRETLY LIBERALS!?! Find out in this shocking video from #C... ...
Added By: Steven Laboe
American conservatives are liberal next to libertarians
To liberate our land from the EU should we support the Conservative Eurosceptic in his battle for th... ...
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Conservatives and UKIP allies or enemies?
George Carlin nails what 'Pro-Life' conservatives REALLY are Hilarious, and spot-on ...
Added By: AdamKokesh
George Carlin On 'Pro-Life' Conservatives
If you want to keep your friends you are never supposed to talk about religion or politics Today we are going to talk about both! ...
Added By: David Wilkinson
Liberals vs Conservatives
4/8/13 - On Monday night's Hannity show, over two dozen black conservatives participated in a townha... ...
Added By: jkantor6699
Black Conservatives in Explosive Hannity Townhall - 'Liberals Believe They Own Black America'
Adam takes a phone call on the Adam and Dr Drew show that results in a discussion about conservative ideology Some NSFW language ...
Added By: WhatYouOughtToKnow
Adam Carolla on Conservatives
As the world reacts to the news that the Supreme Court has completely struck down the Defense Of Mar... ...
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