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The moral roots of liberals and conservatives - Jonathan Haidt
View full lesson http//edtedcom/lessons/jonathan-haidt-on-the-moral-roots-of-liberals-and-conversati... ...
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Stossel - Libertarians Vs Conservatives
http//conservativewikiacom/wiki/Conservative_Wiki Just some of the best moments of Conservative patriots pwning Liberals ...
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Conservatives Owning Liberals
These are the aggressive voices of the right http//wwwWatchMojocom counts down the Top 10 Most Comba... ...
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Top 10 Angry US Conservatives
Just listen to this article by Michael Walsh of the National Review This clip from the Majority Repo... ...
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This Is How Delusional Conservatives Are
Experian Marketing Services conducted a rolling survey to determine whether there are any patterns i... ...
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Conservatives vs Liberals (feat Jaclyn Glenn)
One third of young people who left organized religion did so because of anti-gay teachings or treatm... ...
Added By: Sam Seder
(Really) Bad News For Religious Conservatives
Why Black Conservatives Are Hated By Liberals, Booker T Washington, Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarenc... ...
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Why Black Conservatives Are Hated By Liberals
Conservatives and liberals disagree on many topics in the world of politics Are their brains wired d... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
How Are Conservative And Liberal Brains Different?
ProgressivesTodaycom Black conservatives are not welcome at the NAACP In this video, Black conservat... ...
Added By: Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time
Black Conservatives Confronted At NAACP Annual Convention
Seeking answers to why their presidential candidate lost the election, the first round of consensus ... ...
Added By: DNews
Conservatives We've Lost The Country!
Thomas Sowell discusses characteristics that define liberals and conservatives, and his own personal... ...
Added By: Progressives Today
The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative
As the world reacts to the news that the Supreme Court has completely struck down the Defense Of Mar... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
Religious Conservatives Crying over Gay Marriage - Who Cares?
The Conservatives are back in power ...
Added By: WideWorldOfWisdom
NTNON - Conservatives
George Carlin nails what 'Pro-Life' conservatives REALLY are Hilarious, and spot-on ...
Added By: The Young Turks
George Carlin On 'Pro-Life' Conservatives
WHO is happier about life — liberals or conservatives? The answer might seem straightforward After... ...
Added By: Jamwllms
Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?
http//wwwrightwingwatchorg/content/steve-stockman-obamas-brute-force-oppresses-conservatives Right W... ...
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RWW News Stockman Obama Using 'Brute Force' Against Conservatives
Libertarian does not equal libertine Libertarianism is strictly a political philosophy that has to d... ...
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Libertarians vs Conservatives on Social Issues
Left-wing's latest target Black Conservatives Dr Ben Carson, Deneen Borelli, David Webb and a tremen... ...
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Hannity Special On African American Conservatives - COMPLETE - 4-8-13
http//wwwdiscogscom/Conservatives-Lonelyness/master/175245 ...
Added By: Julie Borowski
Bill Maher shows how stupid American Republicans are to UK Conservatives
In an otherwise solid and informative segment about ISIS on Sunday morning's Face the Nation, Peggy ... ...
Added By: Steven Laboe
The Conservatives - Loneliness
From the Majority Report, live M-F 1130am EST and via daily podcast at http//MajorityFM A recent stu... ...
Added By: James Bond
Sorry Conservatives, Science Says You're Stupid
To liberate our land from the EU should we support the Conservative Eurosceptic in his battle for th... ...
Added By: The Young Turks
Conservatives and UKIP allies or enemies?
Added By: JaxonRoberts
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