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Real Cryptid Sighting 2014
Cryptids can move through walls some are not material Many call these ghosts, sprites, fairies, rods... ...
Added By: YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - August 31, 2014 Bigfoot DNA & Cryptid News
Coast To Coast AM - August 31, 2014 Like On Facebook For All The Current Shows https//wwwfacebookcom/conflictcoast ...
Added By: SupernaturalNews
UFO Sightings Interdimensional Being or Cryptid Alien Encounter! Spooky Photo! 2014
UFO Sightings Interdimensional Being Caught On Video! Spooky Photo! Please Pray For Thirdphaseofmoon... ...
Added By: Conflict August
Cryptid Caught on tape (UK) - Wessex way Northbound Creature (HD)
Cryptid creature that appeared in England on several occasions, The creature became legend, they cal... ...
Added By: thirdphaseofmoon
Bigfoot The Definitive Guide BEST BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY (Paranormal Cryptid Documentary)
Bigfoot The Definitive Guide BEST BIGFOOT DOCUMENTARY (Paranormal Cryptid Documentary) There have be... ...
Added By: TheMusicmemorylane
Cryptids and Monsters Zaratan, the largest cryptid ever
Here I go over a cryptid known as Zaratan, which could be the largest cryptid ever known Visit my ne... ...
Added By: Monster Truth
Top 20 Cryptid Creatures
Let´s get on thing clear! I dont think most of these animals exist but I found cryptozoology very i... ...
Added By: williamdefalco
Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures
Throughout the world, strange beasts lurk among us This video has pictures of a few of these creatur... ...
Added By: Robert Larsson
Cryptid Footage [SlenderMan, Bigfoot, Mothman, Ningen, Chupacabra and more]
SlenderMan, Bigfoot, Mothman, Ningen, Chupacabra, Sasquatch, Yeti, Rake, Nessie, Wendigo, Texas Fire... ...
Added By: TheUnexplainedPlanet
Cryptid The Swamp Beast
This is a clip of Marc Preston's performance in the History Channel series Cryptid The Swamp Beast ...
Added By: Lord Vader
COD Ghosts DLC Nemesis - NEW Cryptid Slayer Ammo Armory Upgrade (COD Extinction Exodus DLC)
COD Ghosts DLC Nemesis on the NEW Cryptid Slayer Ammo Armory Upgrade on COD Extinction Exodus DLC Th... ...
Added By: Marc Preston
Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014
Alien Cryptid Makes A Surprise Visit To Contact In The Desert While Erich von Daniken & Giorgio ... ...
Added By: Dychronic
COD Ghosts Nemesis DLC - Cryptid Slayer Ammo New Armory Upgrade Gameplay (Extinction Exodus)
Follow Me! http//wwwtwitchtv/jon_the_chief https//twittercom/Jon_the_Chief Extinction Mode is the ne... ...
Added By: thirdphaseofmoon
Goverment Experiment Gone Wrong? Strange Creature ~ Cryptid Of The Week #3
What this creature is we do not know, a failed government experiment? A hoax? It's our cryptid Of Th... ...
Added By: Jon The Chief
Slimy Caspar The Nith River Monster (Cryptid Documentary)
Slimy Caspar The Nith River Monster (Cryptid Documentary) The Slimy Caspar was a cryptid monster tha... ...
Added By: Steve Alcorn
extinction cryptid slayer ammo
i was lucky enough to get into a game with this guy who has most upgrades like master scavenger whic... ...
CoD Extinction - Cryptid Slayer Ammo ( 500 Teeth Upgrade )
This new ammo is BEAST MAN message my homie his gamer tag is OptiMistiCKills and check hit Twitch Ch... ...
Added By: extinction call of duty ghosts + zombies
My Intro's song channel http//wwwyoutubecom/user/RubbKTube My Twitch http//wwwtwitchtv/shockgamingjla ...
Added By: E FooLy
Cryptids and Monsters The Popobawa, the SCARIEST cryptid yet
Please leave a like and subscribe if you want to continue seeing videos i haven't had this much fun ... ...
Added By: Shock GamingJLA
COD Ghost Extinction Exodus with overpowered pistols -- cryptid slayer ammo
So as promised i went down to the old railway tunnel that i had heard sooooooo much aboutWell it see... ...
Added By: williamdefalco
Cryptid Cats
Extinction Gameplay Of The New Cryptid Slayer Ammo Costs 500 Teeth This Special Ammo Has The Combine... ...
Added By: Undrax
CryptoGirl13 Old Tunnel Mission & Cryptid Sighting?!?!? Mothman??
Pink thing part 2 No clue on this one but it met an untimely demise with a locomotive ...
Added By: Wander Lust
Ghosts Extinction Exodus Cryptid Slayer Ammo Upgrade Gameplay!
Filmed in Arizona outside of a church, this strange manta Ray like creature was found in a mud puddl... ...
Added By: CryptoGirl13
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