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Firearms Facts Personal Defense Weapons
In this video we discuss various PDW firearms, ideal calibers for PDW applications and a bit of hist... ...
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Firearm Negligence
This is a compilation video I put together to show students in my firearms classes NONE of these vid... ...
Added By: Iraqveteran8888
Want to see all firearms banned? Watch this!
Very often an anti-gun mindset is based on prejudice and lack of knowledge about firearm safety, how... ...
Added By: phil801
Serbu Firearms SU-15 Upper
Mark Serbu presents the SU-15 upper at SHOT Show 2015 Video by Ben Philippi for G ...
Added By: Skallagrim
Expensive Firearms Versus Budget Firearms - An Interesting You Tube Trend
Browse through the many firearms videos on youtube, and you will see this trend yourself ...
Added By: Gunscom
Firearms Myths
Some silly stuff people keep repeating in gun shops and on the internet If you have questions join o... ...
Added By: Armed Defender
Review Arsenal Firearms AF1 Strike One - a Russian Glock-beater?
Sorry for the length on this one The Arsenal Firearms Strike One, though made in Italy, was designed... ...
Added By: James Yeager
Firearms Facts Episode 8 The 762 Confusion
Mod1 presents their Custom Gunsmithing Services http//mod1firearmscom/ - https//wwwfacebookcom/mod1firearms Brought to you by http//milspecmonkeycom ...
Added By: LifeSizePotato
MOD1 Firearms 2015
Copyright 2013, 88 Industries, LLC ...
Added By: Iraqveteran8888
5 Awesome 22 LR Firearms
This instructive video takes the mystery out of the art of suppressing your firearm Here are complet... ...
Improvised Suppressors Secrets of Silencing Firearms (Complete)
I know there is a good bit of opinion in this firearms fact but I think you'll all get the gist of it Have a good week More videos in the pipeline ...
Added By: Iraqveteran8888
Firearms Facts Episode 9 5 Great Handguns for under $350
A nice job by the Mohawk Crew on this production which tells a little bit of the Serbu Firearms, Inc... ...
Added By: mhzghz2
Serbu Firearms, Inc Promotional Video
How do you leave your firearms V-Log # 38 Gun Websitescom http//GunWebsitescom ---------------------... ...
Added By: Iraqveteran8888
How do you leave your firearms V-Log # 38
Ring of Fire SNS Collection Jennings Firearms Like these guns? You are not alone, join the forum and... ...
Added By: markserbu
Ring of Fire Collection Jennings Firearms
Finally the AF2011-A1 Second Century double barrel pistol reaches the world's market, with distribut... ...
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FUTURE WEAPONS Advanced Combat Firearms (720p)
In this video we take a detailed look at our custom built Glock 19 by Mod1 Firearms This gun is just... ...
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High speed Double Barrel Pistol - A NEW Movie by Arsenal Firearms
The Faxon Firearms ARAK AR-15 upper receiver is what happens when an AR-15 and an AK-47 make a baby ... ...
Custom Glock19 By Mod 1 Firearms First Look Video
Guns, firearms and weapons I love shooting guns Never claimed to be an expert on guns I just love sh... ...
Added By: Arsenal Firearms
Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Overview & Field Strip
I thought about explaining the origins of this song, but then thought better of it I think it's pret... ...
Added By: TacticalExistence
Guns, firearms and weapons Shooting my guns my way
I finally did a video of a firearm that needed to be refinished I will walk you through the steps an... ...
Added By: nsz85
Afraid Of Firearms
Century Arms C39 V2 Milled AK Rifle RI2245-N http//wwwatlanticfirearmscom/component/virtuemart/shipp... ...
Added By: SoulSurvivorX2
Parkerizing Firearms
We take a look at some firearms from World War Two; 1911 pistol in 45acp 1911-A1 pistol in 45acp Win... ...
Added By: FX Hummel
Century Arms C39 V2 Milled AK47 Atlantic Firearms
In this video, Barry brings up a very important subject Even if you carry a gun, there may be a slim... ...
Added By: Iridium242
World War Two Firearms Review
Added By: AtlanticFirearms
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