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Light Em Up - Homestuck
All Art by Toasty Hat - Original Post Here http//toastyhattumblrcom/post/83989186682 Homestuck (c) A... ...
Added By: YouTube
A Bucket Full of Homestuck Act II Anime USA 2012 (CAPTIONED)
At Anime USA 2012, we held a second Bucket Full of Homestuck panel The panel was run by terminallyxs... ...
Added By: Chista Murnii
You Can't Fight the Homestuck!
YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE HOMESTUCK Believe me, I've tried Warning for LOTS OF FLASHING! It's a lot of com... ...
Added By: BoxedHobo
Drunk Zodiac Homestuck Edition
Trolls and Bars don't seem to mix Finally got everyone together for this thing! Aradia and Vriska - ... ...
Added By: MadMegatax
Homestuck Halloween Special
Art by Rapidopatter http//rapidopattertumblrcom/post/53746784805/blimpcat-hussie-stole-my-soul-ihear... ...
Added By: Tabikat
Mambostuck (Homestuck Animation)
Tumblr post http//toastyhattumblrcom/post/45636807829/wip1-wip2-hd-thank-you-all-so-so-much-for-your INFO BELOW WIP1 http//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=89hi ...
Added By: missrinachan
Is Homestuck the Ulysses of the Internet? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios
If you're unfamiliar, Homestuck is a webcomic created Andrew Hussie that is over 5000 PAGES so far! ... ...
Added By: EmptyFeet
Don't Read A Webcomic Called Homestuck
DON'T DO IT A parody of this http//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=7SMt6fFtqzA Art by Bana http//banasmagiccastletumblrcom/ Voices by me http//octosmagiccast ...
Added By: PBS Idea Channel
Haunted Homestuck
The Trolls decide to check out a haunted house Comic by Shelby on Tumblr! (http//shubbabangtumblrcom... ...
Added By: Octopimp
Homestuck Animation - A Lullaby for Gods
I finally finished this animation! It was a huge learning experience I hope you enjoy watching it as... ...
Added By: HomestuckVATroupe
cause i always really wanted to do one of these ] i picked all of these songs from my personal colle... ...
Added By: subugu
Homestuck - Run To You - Lyricstuck - paperseverywhere
Please watch in HD! This is a video formatted from paper's gorgeous Run to You lyricstuck, the same ... ...
Added By: KintanaChan
Homestuck Character's Theme Songs!
NONE OF THE ART IS MINE, NOR THE MUSIC Sources for the art bellow D I hope you actually enjoy the long 15 minutes of this XD John Weird Al Yankovic - ...
Added By: Amberblaze223
Homestuck - Blue Lips
So basically this Cafechan person here posted this thing on tumblr http//bowkindtumblrcom/post/88941... ...
Added By: Hor√Īs√Ąnd ҆weaters
John and Dave Respond to Memo (Extended Homestuck Animation)
I put some more time into this animation, just for the heck of it! Enjoy! John Denton - http//denten02tumblrcom/ Karkat Kirbopher - http//kirbophertum ...
Added By: VickyBit
Homestuck Dollhouse Mep FULL
SQUEEE my first mep is finally done i am so proud of all of you and thank you so much for joining om... ...
Added By: Jinxx
[S] Have Homestuck Gif Party
Aww yis None of the gifs or the song belong to me Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie Watch in a higher quality!! My tumblr http//droidcattumblrcom/ ...
Added By: Vivid Lights ||HIATUS
Homestuck by a homestuck reader
jay tries to explain homestuck in 12 minutes and fails ...
Added By: Satsuki Kiryuin
Gmod Mod Review - The Homestuck Mod
We had a bit of fun with this one, in which we talked about shipping, and what I do not ship REMEMBE... ...
Added By: shotaboys
Caught Like a Fly - Homestuck
I do not own the artwork or music Original post http//viriatumblrcom/post/41605309410/falling-in-rev... ...
Added By: Lumo Blaze
Homestuck - How Far We've Come
Originally posted on my tumblr here - http//artisticazuritetumblrcom/post/13172377637 You can follow... ...
Added By: Vatta
Broadway Homestuck [Feat Eridan and Nepeta] Bad Apple
Webcomic Homestuck Song Broadway Homestuck (Feat Eridan and Nepeta) - Bad Apple I own nothing! Enjoy! ...
Added By: Alexandra Murphy
Homestuck - no homo
since i couldn't find this vid on youtube, i thought i should upload for others who wants to find it... ...
Added By: DieCryHard1516
Colossalcon 2014 - Friday Homestuck Photoshoot
It was so hot outside we became hamsteaks My tumblr sefamtumblrcom Tumblr post (Please reblog) http//sefamtumblrcom/post/88425008037 ...
Added By: Strong Butts
Synthesia Homestuck Medley
So I basically got the idea to make MIDI-files out of some Homestuck sheet music, and put it into Sy... ...
Added By: Sefam's Cosplay Channel
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