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The Biology of Lyme Disease An Expert's Perspective
This is a 30 minute video with Dr Alan MacDonald, a retired MD and board certified in Anatomic Patho... ...
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Lyme Story - Treatment, Hope & Success
Justin & Christa Vanderham http//wwwjustinandchristaca This is a movie about our 5 years of figh... ...
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Brain expert Dr Rick Sponaugle teaches the brain chemistry of Lyme disease
Dr Rick Sponaugle uses brain scans to teach Lyme patient Eric of Pennsylvania the brain science of L... ...
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Stephen Harrod Buhner - Intro Talk to Lyme and Lyme Co-Infections
This is an exerpt of the intro that Stephen gave at his Lyme and Co-Infections class It was profound... ...
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Dr Horowitz Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness
via YouTube Capture ...
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HUGE wave lyme Regis
Patients with Lyme disease describe the multitude of symptoms they experience along with the diagnos... ...
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Lyme Research Alliance 2014 Gala Video - The Faces of Lyme
http//wwwthetickslayercom - How to recover fully from Lyme disease and Autoimmune illnesses- this vi... ...
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Why Chronic Lyme Treatment Often Fails- VERY IMPORTANT!
Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercolacom founder Dr Joseph Mercola interview... ...
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Dr Mercola Interviews Dr Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme Disease
Daryl Hall talks about Lyme Disease ...
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Daryl Hall Lyme Disease Interview
A documentary done by Matthew Colgan, Ryan O'Connell Peller, and Emily Landaira Original music by Ma... ...
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Lyme-Light a Documentary on Lyme Disease
This video is graphic and may not be suitable for children This video was taken in 2009 when I was 3... ...
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WARNING GRAPHICBeginning of Neurological Effects of Chronic Lyme Disease (2009)
Visit http//wwwuctvtv/) Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne infection in the United States Ov... ...
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Lyme Disease -- History and Current Controversies
Er leeft in Nederland een piepklein beestje dat onverstelbaar veel schade kan aanrichten De teek Dez... ...
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Ziekte van Lyme
Lyme Disease Dr Phil 4-13-2012 For More Information Visit http//iladsorg http//lymepediaorg http//lymediseaseorg ...
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Lyme Disease - Dr Phil
La enfermedad de Lyme, tambien conocida como borreliosis, es una enfermedad infecciosa causada por l... ...
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Enfermedad de Lyme Enigmas Medicos
Ex-topmodel Yolanda Foster getuigt over haar strijd tegen de ziekte van Lyme Ze onderging oa 90 dage... ...
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Yolanda's strijd tegen de ziekte van Lyme (2013)
Dr Rebecca Risk - http//dr-riskcom/ Talks about lyme in Calgary, her own lyme experience and how she became a lyme specialist, in Calgary ...
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Introduction To Lyme Disease - Dr Risk, Lyme Specialist
2eme partie d'interview - Lilou rencontre avec le Pr Luc Montagnier le 2 mars 2012 à l'UNESCO à Pa... ...
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(FR) Inquietante emergence de la bacterie Borrelia, Maladie de Lyme & Autisme - Pr Montagnier
Learn how treating Autism led Dr Nicola McFadzean down the Lyme road, to where she is today Beyond t... ...
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Dr Nicola McFadzean Treatment for Chronic Lyme and Co Infections UNCUT (Sneak Peak with Bec Mills)
Sorry for the lengthy video! I just have a lot of symptoms that I needed to go over haha Here's just... ...
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My Lyme Disease Symptoms
John Halperin, MD, director, Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, joins discussion on Lyme disease diagn... ...
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Today Tonight - Lyme Disease
PLEASE READ I decided to finally share this video on youtube hoping it may be able to help those con... ...
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Chronic Lyme Disease Controversy
Visit http//wwwiladsorg/media/conference_landphp to purchase full video Joseph G Jemsek, MD, FACP is Board Certified in Infectious Diseases He began h ...
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Rife Machines Lyme Disease / Coinfections
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