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Big Iron The Mainframe Story Part 1 of 5 - The 1960's
For more information about Mainframe 20, go to http//wwwcacom/us/products/ca-chorusaspx?mrm=425883 T... ...
Added By: YouTube
Mainframe Tutorial Part 1
Mainframe Introduction -Mainframe Tutorial Part 1 Tutorial shows the basic information about what is... ...
Added By: CA Technologies
The Corestore Mainframe Starting the S/390 part 1 - powering it up
Procedures for starting the S/390 from cold ...
Added By: kumar ITChannel
What is a mainframe Part I
Two friends meet up at a high school reunion and discuss their careers One person is very smart and ... ...
Added By: abaduck
Mainframe Basics CICS - TUTORIAL -1
IBM Mainframe CICS Basics tutorial, this video gives an basic idea/information about the CICS online programming like What is MApset,map,fields, ...
Added By: gymcatkrist11
An Ode to Movie Mainframes
Edited by Alex Moschina http//alexmoschinawordpresscom/ Featured films GoldenEye Alien Resurrection ... ...
Added By: kumar ITChannel
Black Hat 2013 - Mainframes The Past Will Come to Haunt You
Philip Young ...
Added By: Slacktory
Big Iron The Mainframe Story
CA Technologies created a video history of the mainframe since it's foundation I do not own the righ... ...
Added By: HackersOnBoard
Basics of Running COBOL / JCL and Checking Output on IBM Mainframe
This tutorial shows you the basics of submitting a COBOL program via a JCL job card as well as revie... ...
Added By: Libo García
Mainframe - the hidden heart of Volvo IT?
Online shops Bank applications Maps Logistical systems and operations These things for sure and so m... ...
IBM Power4+ Mainframe CPU Teardown
40000 worth of IBM server processors I picked up on eBay for £320 I have no practical use for them so I decided to take one apart ...
Added By: VolvoITvideos
Video Tour of a Mainframe Computer Room circa 1990 Please also see my IBM Impact Printer Video
A Mainframe Computer Room Showing underfloor cabling, controllers, CPU's disk drives, tape drives, tape libraries, CRT terminals, keypunch machine ...
Added By: CarlsTechShed
IBM Mainframe Make the Extraordinary Possible
The mainframe is essential in today's digital world, enabling 90 of Fortune 500 companies In 2014 IB... ...
Added By: careh1
The Raised Floor - IBM Mainframe Computer Ops in the 1980s
A photo album documenting the roles of, and equipment run by printer operators, console operators, t... ...
Added By: IBM System z
Move to Hadoop, Go Faster and Save Millions - Mainframe Legacy Modernization
In spite of recent advances in computing, many core business processes are batch-oriented running on... ...
Added By: GrnScrn
Euskal Encounter 19 (2011) - Sistemas Mainframe
Mini-reportaje de los sistemas centrales que dan servicio a los 4096 usuarios de la Euskal Encounter... ...
Added By: HadoopSummit
IBM - Mainframe, Past - Present - Future, 2014
A Nordic perspective on the IBM Mainframe, present, past and future reflections The film is produced... ...
Added By: Urtzi Larrieta Alvarez
Mainframe JCL Tutorial Part 1
Basics of JCL,This Mainframe Video JCL Tutorial Part 1 Tutorial will explain you all about Mainframe JCL ...
Added By: IBM Danmark ApS
Mainframe Cobol Tutorial Part 8
Mainframe Cobol Tutorial Part 8,This cobol tutorial is basics tutorial on Files, it gives introducti... ...
Added By: kumar ITChannel
IBM z/OS and the Mainframe More Valuable than Gold
Highlighted here is the value of the IBM z/OS operating system, the IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/... ...
Added By: kumar ITChannel
Audible Mainframe-Figure It Out
From The Album ''Framework'' ...
Added By: IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF)
CA investe na formacao de profissionais para mainframe no Brasil
A CA Technologies quer formar profissionais para mainframe no Brasil, atenta ao bom momento que a te... ...
Added By: 01EPIC
Sketches Of Pain - Audible Mainframe - Original Mix
With Mon Diamant Sophisticated music for simple people This is not new but this is definitely timele... ...
Added By: CDTV
IBM 360 mainframe computer
IBM System/360 mainframe computer system family at Computer History Museum http//wwwcomputerhistoryo... ...
Added By: Mon Diamant
Mainframe Tutorial Part 4
Mainframe Tutorial Part 4,It has an Introduction to Cobol,Programming language,data type, picture cl... ...
Added By: TilTuli
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