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Awkward Marijuana Moments
We worked so hard on this video Took us about 3 1/2 days! Huge thanks to my boy Crispy for helping t... ...
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The Campaign for Marijuana Legalization
VOL Contributor Rob Kampia is executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project He joins Ron Paul f... ...
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Marijuana in America Colorado Pot Rush (Drugs Documentary)
Watch More Documentary's on a Variety of Subjects Here https//wwwyoutubecom/user/DDocumentaryCentral... ...
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Leave some support with LIKES if you enjoyed! ‚ĖĽ SUBSCRIBE for more videos! http//bitly/subnova ‚óÖ... ...
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FOX NEWS - John Stossel Explains the Stupidity of Marijuana Prohibition
This is an excellent video by John Stossel pointing out the obvious failure of the drug war ...
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Medical Marijuana A Conversation with Dr Sanjay Gupta | Institute of Politics
Dr Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN, joined Dr Staci Gruber, Associate Professor of ... ...
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Culture High The Riveting Truth Behind Marijuana Prohibition (TRAILER)
Trailer najnowszego filmu, kt√≥ry odsŇāania prawdńô na temat legalizacji marihuany - zar√≥wno dla zwolennik√≥w, jak i przeciwnik√≥w legalizacji ...
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Legalizing Marijuana The Public Health Pros and Cons | The Forum at HSPH
With a growing number of states considering the legalization of medical marijuana and, more broadly,... ...
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Marijuana USA (FULL Episode)
http//freedomformarijuanacom Marijuana USA goes deep into how marijuana effects our nation and shows you what most people think about marijuana ...
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Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?
There's just no way to talk about marijuana without someone completely misinterpreting what I say So... ...
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National Geographic 2014 | Marijuana Drug - History channel - Documentary
National geographic national geographic 2014 national geographic documentary documentary documentary... ...
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History of Marijuana in 4 Minutes and 20 Seconds
The History of Marijuana in 420 by 4TT--a brand new YouTube network covering news, music, culture, a... ...
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Afroman Remixes ‚ÄúBecause I Got High‚ÄĚ In Support Of Marijuana Legalization
Remember stoner one-hit-wonder Afroman? He's back, and soliciting pro-marijuana votes with a revampe... ...
Added By: 4TT
Washington State's new marijuana entrepreneurs
A new crop of marijuana entrepreneurs are coming out of the shadows in Washington State, but those l... ...
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Boulder Buying Recreational Marijuana in Colorado on 420 - ALL OVER Real Life Travels
I thought it could be cool for people to see what it's like for the average person to buy weed legal... ...
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Congressman Cohen Schools DEA Scum At Hearing On Legalization Of Marijuana
March 04, 2014 News http//MOXNewscom Special Thanks to http//wwwyoutubecom/user/oversightandreform D... ...
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Pot Quiz
The Marijuana industry is getting involved in the political process We wondered if regular pot smoke... ...
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Florida medical marijuana amendment debate
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd debates attorney John Morgan regarding Amendment 2, which would legal... ...
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Marijuana Product Review FlowerMate V50s Portable Marijuana Vaporizer
http//bitly/FlowerMate5s Bogart reviews the new FlowerMate V50s Marijuana Vaporizer from Wizard Puff... ...
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Funniest cops marijuana bust episode
The fight against drug use in America has been going on since the turn of the last century but the t... ...
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Marijuana A Chronic History
June 23, 2013 CNN http//MOXNewscom ...
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What Is It Like To Work At America's Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary
If you are interested in picking up the kit that we use in the video, you can find it located at htt... ...
How To Make Marijuana E-Cig Liquid / E-liquid
Click here to watch Weediquette STONED MOMS http//bitly/1qPFRKd In this episode, we visit with young... ...
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Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Is Hurting Patients Canadian Cannabis (Episode 3)
A documentary of the effects of marijuana on the body While your watching, look for 1355, try and te... ...
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