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Metroid - Did You Know Gaming? Feat WeeklyTubeShow
Subscribe for more gaming trivia! http//bitly/DYKG_Subscribe http//didyouknowgamingcom - http//vgfac... ...
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The History of Metroid - PART 1 - (retrospective)
NEXT PART ➪ http//youtube/qTp1BOAFGVs The first major heroine in gaming history Lets dive into the... ...
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Metroid 1543 World Record
Metroid for NES, finished on console in 15439 (15362 from control of Samus) on March 16 2013 by Chri... ...
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Metroid Part 1 Power Ups
http//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=JBO1zltPuiU&list=PL26D021A7580EA83F Click here to watch AYH Interpla... ...
Added By: CAKmusic
Super Metroid 15 Final Boss Motherbrain, Ending/Credits
I created this video a very long time ago ...
Added By: Machinima
DNSQ The Hidden Tutorial in Super Metroid
Super Metroid is hailed as one of the best games of the 16-bit era and for good reason On this episo... ...
Added By: Kunzile
GT Countdown - Top 5 Metroid Games
Metroidvania is a thing now We analyze the data to pick Samus Aran's top assignments ...
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Super Metroid - Speed Run in 04935 by Garrison Live for Awesome Games Done Quick 2013
Garrison playing Super Metroid live for AGDQ This run is any and the countdown starts at 0538 AGDQ Playlist - http//wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLMNeT ...
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Nintendo News E3 Coverage + Metroid sequel confirmed!
Topic 1 Link http//bitly/SGACzh Topic 2 Link http//bitly/1lhWGHh Topic 3 Link http//bitly/1qCBlh2 Topic 4 Link http//bitly/1ltmcOd Host's Channel ...
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Metroid II Remake Review! (AM2R)
This Metroid II fan remake is definitely worth playing Links are below! AM2R Site http//metroid2remakeblogspotcom/ Download Page http//metroid2remake ...
Added By: NinBuzz
Le Fond De L'Affaire - Metroid
Le Fond De L'Affaire Metroid 10 Mars 2014 Maxime nous fait decouvrir les secrets de la serie Metroid ...
Added By: dookieshed
Johnny vs Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
It's time for the last Metroid game to review, Ladies and Gentlemen, and it's my longest one yet (Me... ...
Added By: GlobtopusGame
Metroid Prime - 055 SS Speedrun
Fastest known completion of Metroid Prime as of 2014/07/17 ~5553 Sheegoth Why ...
Added By: SomecallmeJohnny
News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2014 - Episode 6 Metroid Wii U and 3DS release date 2016
Episode 6 of my News about the next Metroid Game for Wii U Episode 7 will be coming out on September... ...
Added By: TRR010
SGDQ 2014 Metroid Fusion 1 Race kirbymastah vs BioSpark vs JaggerG #SGDQ2014
SGDQ 2014 Charity Marathon Event hosted by SRL and SDA Speedrunners from SDA and SRL come at one pla... ...
Added By: Macintyre Productions
Metroid Part 4 The Cursed Franchise
http//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=cp9dqvgDdPU&list=PL26D021A7580EA83F Click here to watch the previous... ...
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TAS HD Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) 100 by Dragonfangs in 101437
Publication http//tasvideosorg/981Mhtml This is a tool-assisted recording ...
Added By: Machinima
Super Metroid Review and Retrospective SNES
Here's my little review of the Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid All clips and videos belong to t... ...
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Minecraft | METROID PRIME! (Power Suits, Insane Weapons & More!) | Mod Showcase
CAN WE GET TO 4000 LIKES? Subscribe and join TeamTDM! ▻ http//bitly/TxtGm8 Today, I am taking a lo... ...
Added By: NESComplex
Is The Metroid Franchise Dead? - Trilbee Gaming
Episode 9 Is the Metroid Franchise Dead? Trilbee is forced to consider a depressing possibility; tha... ...
Added By: TheDiamondMinecart
Really Freakin' Clever - Metroid Prime
Subscribe Today ▻ http//bitly/1gK0IXU Follow me on Twitter https//twittercom/FreakinClever Join the Facebook Group https//wwwfacebookcom/ReallyFreak ...
Added By: TrilbeeGaming
SGB Review - Metroid Prime
Originally aired September 2nd, 2010 My first ever exclusive review for TheGeekFighterscom was Metro... ...
Added By: Really Freakin' Clever
Super Metroid Finale - PART 27 - Game Grumps
MAGICAL MATERNAL RAINBOW POWERS ACTIVATE! Game Grumps are Egoraptor http//wwwYouTubecom/Egoraptor Danny http//wwwYouTubecom/NinjaSexParty Game Grump ...
Added By: SomecallmeJohnny
METROID Fight For Love - brentalfloss
Get the mp3 here http//brentalflossbandcampcom/track/metroid-fight-for-love-feat-alysha-umphress If ... ...
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Super Metroid Impossible 100
My tool-assisted 100 playthrough of Super Metroid hack Metroid Impossible All frames that don't contribute to the in-game timer are deleted ...
Added By: brentalfloss
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