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The History of Metroid feat MatPat - A Brief History
The Morph Ball is LAME ▻▻ http//bitly/1qXGeoy Is Mario Communist? ▻▻ http//bitly/1rqUPbk Pre... ...
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Metroid 1543 World Record
Metroid for NES, finished on console in 15439 (15362 from control of Samus) on March 16 2013 by Chri... ...
Added By: The Game Theorists
Metroid - Did You Know Gaming? Feat WeeklyTubeShow
Subscribe for more gaming trivia! http//bitly/DYKG_Subscribe http//didyouknowgamingcom - http//vgfac... ...
Added By: CAKmusic
The Evolution of Metroid
Like the video? Follow MP on Twitter! https//twittercom/MacintyreProduc The evolution, retrospective... ...
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News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 - Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer
Like the Video? Follow MP on Twitter! https//twittercom/MacintyreProduc Episode 8 of my News about t... ...
Added By: M Productions
Fascinating Metroid Theories
The Metroid series may be one of the most consistently great franchises in gaming, and with that com... ...
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The History of Metroid - PART 1 - (retrospective)
NEXT PART ➪ http//youtube/qTp1BOAFGVs The first major heroine in gaming history Lets dive into the... ...
Added By: TheGamerFromMars
Metroid - Обзор всех частей [Ретро Кладовка #5] Часть 1
Обзор одой из самых легедарых игровых серий В этом об... ...
Added By: TheGameDirect
Metroid Part 1 Power Ups
http//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=JBO1zltPuiU&list=PL26D021A7580EA83F Click here to watch AYH Interpla... ...
Added By: Vas [Zer05] kochetkov
Super Metroid Turn Into a Ball - PART 1 - Game Grumps
Don't mind me Just doing some research Game Grumps are Egoraptor http//wwwYouTubecom/Egoraptor Danny http//wwwYouTubecom/NinjaSexParty Game Grumps ...
Added By: Machinima
[TAS] SNES Super Metroid 100 by Cpadolf in 1081574
This is a tool-assisted speedrun For more information, see http//tasvideosorg/2436Mhtml In accordanc... ...
Added By: GameGrumps
Super Metroid 15 Final Boss Motherbrain, Ending/Credits
I created this video a very long time ago ...
Added By: TASVideosChannel
DNSQ The Hidden Tutorial in Super Metroid
Super Metroid is hailed as one of the best games of the 16-bit era and for good reason On this episo... ...
Added By: Kunzile
GT Countdown - Top 5 Metroid Games
Metroidvania is a thing now We analyze the data to pick Samus Aran's top assignments ...
Added By: The Game Theorists
Five Fun Facts - Metroid Prime
Check out Disorder from Swagabyte and ScrewAttack on Steam here http//storesteampoweredcom/app/32208... ...
Added By: GameTrailers
What if Nintendo Made Metroid 64?
Back in the N64 days, the only mention of Metroid we got was the inclusion of Samus in Smash Brother... ...
Added By: ScrewAttack!
Fiery Joker Rant Fixing Metroid Other M
Mother of Samus Here we go Join TheAutarch and I as we analyze and rant about what Other M did right... ...
Added By: SteveOHobo
Metroid Prime - The Completionist Episode 57
Jirard Dragonrider Khalil teams up with MatPat of Game Theory to review one of the coolest games on ... ...
Added By: joshscorcher
Johnny vs Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
It's time for the last Metroid game to review, Ladies and Gentlemen, and it's my longest one yet (Me... ...
Added By: That One Video Gamer
Speed Game Race Any sur Metroid Fusion / Brother Main Vs Ysangwen
Cette semaine, CdV et RealMyop commentent une race any sur Metroid Fusion, qui voit s'opposer deux c... ...
Added By: SomecallmeJohnny
Game Grumps - The Best of SUPER METROID
On the tweet - http//wwwtwittercom/Lesmocon Lotta jugs Here's the story behind this one, for reasons... ...
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AGDQ 2015 Super Metroid 100 Race Epic vs sweetnumb #AGDQ2015
AGDQ 2015 Charity Marathon Event hosted by SRL and SDA Speedrunners from SDA and SRL come at one pla... ...
Added By: LesmoVids
*COMPARiSON* Metroid Prime *GC VS Wii U* (2002 vs 2015) (60fps)
This is a Comparison vid between *Metroid Prime* on #Gamecube (2002) and #WiiU #eShop #MetroidPrimeT... ...
Added By: SpeedMarathonArchive
14 Unpopular Metroid Opinions (Ft FootofaFerret)
https//Twittercom/TrailerDrake https//Facebookcom/OfficialDrakeMcWhorter http//TrailerDrakeTumblrcom/ Get social with FootofaFerret! https//twitterc ...
Metroid Zero Mission Video Walkthrough
This is a video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / whatever of the Game Boy Advance game Metro... ...
Added By: Trailer Drake
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