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What is Open Source explained in LEGO
https//twittercom/bitblueprint http//wwwbitblueprintcom Have you ever wondered - What is open source... ...
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Why Use Open Source Software The Benefits
http//wwwlinuxitcom - Hear about the accelerating interest and use of Open-Source Software, and why ... ...
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dotJS 2012 - Fat - What Is Open Source & Why Do I Feel So Guilty?
Filmed in Paris on Nov 30th, 2012 More talks on http//dotconferenceseu Slides http//fatgithubcom/slides-os-guilt/ ...
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Beginners guide to contributing to open source software
This video will help you get started for contributing to free and open source software Also learn ab... ...
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Yochai Benkler Open-source economics
http//wwwtedcom Law professor Yochai Benkler explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and ... ...
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What is Open Source, Really?
The open source movement has many proponents, and the Open Source Initiative, or OSI, has been key t... ...
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3D Printing with Light - Future of Open Source is Bright
Meet Ember, the Bugatti of 3D printers What would you print with this bad boy? Open Objects and Glob... ...
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Open Source Licenses
Jim Jagielski, President and Co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, discusses open source licenses and governance models ...
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Open Source Basics
A simple explanation of how open source projects manage change as well as the structure, roles, and terminology of open source software ...
Default to open The story of open source and Red Hat
Red Hat Films is proud to unveil this documentary looking at the past, present, and future of Red Ha... ...
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Top 5 - Open Source Utility Software
From a free antivirus to a sweet FTP - there are many ways to improve the performance of your comput... ...
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Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project - Walkthrough
Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project (STHOSP) is a ROM hack of Sonic 1 for Sega Mega Drive with op... ...
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Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project (Genesis) - Longplay
A longplay for Sonic 1 hack is Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source... ...
Added By: Razor & Zenon
Open Source Spirituality - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode 6 - 06-15-14
http//wwwAstralQuestcom http//wwwSecretEnergycom http//wwwRealmDynamicscom http//wwwResistance2010com ...
Added By: Amy Rose
Open Source Hardware Development Method
Invitation to open source hardware leaders to develop standards for the Open Source Hardware Develop... ...
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Open Source Towed Sonar ROV - Overview
Web Page http//svseekercom/Open_Source_Towed_Sonar_ROVhtm Plans for the Ole Herman God0 Thruster for 3D Printer https//wwwfacebookcom/groups/svseeker/ ...
Added By: Marcin Jakubowski
Aeron Open-source high-performance messaging by Martin Thompson
Does TCP not meet your required latency consistently? Is UDP not reliable enough? Do you need to mul... ...
Added By: SV Seeker
Open Source Wind Turbine v10 - Construction Tutorial Animation
Construction tutorial at http//solarflowerorg/tutorialphp?lang=en&tut=vawt Open source, recycled... ...
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TEDxBoston - Dr Jay Bradner - Opensource Drug Discovery
ClC1=CC=C(C2=N[C@@H](CC(OC(C)(C)C)=O)C3=NN=C(C)N3C4=C2C(C)=C(C)S4)C=C1 Dr Jay Bradner Research Scien... ...
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If NASA Can Do It So Can I, Thanks To Open Source Made In Space 3D Printed Wrench
3D Printed Wrench Made in space If NASA Can Do It So Can I, Thanks To Open Source Made In Space 3D P... ...
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Richard Stallman Free v Open Source Software
Richard Stallman talks about free v open source software Selected clips from The Code by Hannu Putto... ...
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Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns
This is a presentation that I first gave at FISL 2012 and then gave again (with better audio and vid... ...
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How Android Open Source Makes Money?
Android Q&A - Join Jayce as he talks about how exactly Google makes money when Android is free W... ...
Added By: Bryan Cantrill
Paul Fenwick OSCON 2014 Keynote Open Source and Social Change — Making the World a Better Place
From OSCON 2014 Open Source and Social Change - Making the World a Better Place, a keynote by Paul F... ...
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Contribute with me! Getting started with open source development
Jessica McKellar Want to contribute to a Python project or the core language, but not sure where to ... ...
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