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What is Open Source explained in LEGO
https//twittercom/bitblueprint http//wwwbitblueprintcom Have you ever wondered - What is open source... ...
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dotJS 2012 - Fat - What Is Open Source & Why Do I Feel So Guilty?
Filmed in Paris on Nov 30th, 2012 More talks on http//dotconferenceseu Slides http//fatgithubcom/slides-os-guilt/ ...
What is Open Source, Really?
The open source movement has many proponents, and the Open Source Initiative, or OSI, has been key t... ...
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Why Use Open Source Software The Benefits
http//wwwlinuxitcom - Hear about the accelerating interest and use of Open-Source Software, and why ... ...
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Revolution OS
The film begins with glimpses of Raymond, a Linux IPO, Torvalds, the idea of Open Source, Perens, St... ...
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Beginners guide to contributing to open source software
This video will help you get started for contributing to free and open source software Also learn ab... ...
Added By: Von Hash
Yochai Benkler Open-source economics
http//wwwtedcom Law professor Yochai Benkler explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and ... ...
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Open Source Basics
A simple explanation of how open source projects manage change as well as the structure, roles, and terminology of open source software ...
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Open Source Drones and Android SDR, Hak5 1611
Drones! Hak5 takes flight in the first of a series on building an open source autonomous aerial syst... ...
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Paul Fenwick OSCON 2014 Keynote Open Source and Social Change ‚ÄĒ Making the World a Better Place
From OSCON 2014 Open Source and Social Change - Making the World a Better Place, a keynote by Paul F... ...
Added By: Hak5
What is Open Source? - Computer Floss
This introductory edition of Computer Floss explains what open source software actually is, why it matters, and throws in a bit of history as well ...
Added By: O'Reilly
Top 5 - Open Source Utility Software
From a free antivirus to a sweet FTP - there are many ways to improve the performance of your comput... ...
Added By: Computer Floss
TED Talk 2011 - Marcin Jakubowski on the Global Village Construction Set & Open Source Ecology
TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski gives a 4 minute talk on the Global Village Construction Set & Open Source Ecology ...
Added By: Nixie Pixel
La Filosofía del Código Abierto Open Source Ecology
El Dr Marcin Jakubowski, fundador de Open Source Ecology y el equipo de OSE explican la filosofía d... ...
Added By: Will Cleaver
Default to open The story of open source and Red Hat
Red Hat Films is proud to unveil this documentary looking at the past, present, and future of Red Ha... ...
Added By: activateyacomar
29Open Source - Para salvar o planeta
O segredo dos heróis e open source e comunidades sustentáveis Alianca Luz *Site http//wwwaliancaluzorg *Resumo http//bitly/12c4F2L *Detalhes http/ ...
Added By: Red Hat Videos
How Android Open Source Makes Money?
Android Q&A - Join Jayce as he talks about how exactly Google makes money when Android is free W... ...
Added By: Leandro Zayd
5 Open Source Games that Don't Suck
For Linux, Mac and Windows! While most free and open source games don't have the production values o... ...
Added By: Android Authority
Marcin Jakubowski Open-sourced blueprints for civilization
http//wwwtedcom Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sour... ...
Added By: Nixie Pixel
Open Source Hardware Explained - EEVblog #195
Open your mind to Open Source Hardware Dave gives you the low-down on what Open Source Hardware (OSH... ...
Added By: TED
Professional vs Open Source Video Editing
Looking for free video editing software but don't know if it measures up to the big boys? http//onfb... ...
Added By: EEVblog
Open Source Wind Turbine v10 - Construction Tutorial Animation
Construction tutorial at http//solarflowerorg/tutorialphp?lang=en&tut=vawt Open source, recycled... ...
Added By: Nixie Pixel
The Open Source Hydrogen Car
UK firm Riversimple are designing a truly alternative car It runs on hydrogen power, has a carbon fi... ...
Added By: SolarflowerOrg
3D Printed Robot InMoov Open Source
Vid13 This is a test using capture gestures + voice commands in Myrobotlab You can follow the progre... ...
Added By: Sciencesowhat
LibTech NYC Robert David Steele - The Open Source Everything Manifesto
Robert David Steele - The Open Source Everything Manifesto - at LibTech NYC on May 21 2014 http//tin... ...
Added By: gael langevin
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