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Big Thinkers - Michio Kaku [Theoretical Physicist]
Big Thinkers is a former ZDTV (later TechTV) television program It featured a half-hour interview wi... ...
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Breaking Grad - What is a Physicist?
What is a Physicist? Want to learn more about being a physics grad student? Follow us as we investig... ...
Added By: Pete Machnik
Russell Brand Interviews Quantum Physicist Dr John Hagelin (Part 13)
http//wwwwdavidlynchfoundationorg/ In this video actor/comedian Russell Brand interviews renowned qu... ...
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Michio Kaku The Universe in a Nutshell
Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here http//googl/CPTsV5 Kaku's latest book is... ...
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How to be a physicist
Oxford University Physics Society, 9/05/2014 ...
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What confuses a physicist?
A viewer asks our team of physicists and astronomers what part of science they find most confusing? ... ...
Added By: Maciej Malinowski
Documentary on Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri, the renowned theoretical physicist from Kolkata
Amal kumar raychoudhuri was a renowned theoretical physicist from kolkata, India He is famous for hi... ...
Added By: Sixty Symbols
Professor Leo Kadanoff, a great theoretical physicist
Professor Leo P Kadanoff won the award for inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implicati... ...
Added By: srijit bhattacharjee
Physicist To The Stars
Some interviews with how they come up with stuff for the shows, with the help of a Physicist ...
Added By: Institute of Physics
Mathematical Physicist Edward Witten Interview - 1 of 2
Mathematical Physicist Edward Witten, one of the principal authors of string theory, being interviewed by Ira Flatow on Big Ideas ...
Michio Kaku Why Did You Become A Physicist?
Subscribe For Michio Kaku's Speeches, Interviews, and Debates! ...
Added By: lGzYl
Opie & Anthony - Physicist Brian Greene In Studio (03-03-2014)
http//siriusxmcom/theopie&anthonychannel (#6) Physicist Brian Greene in studio wearing his smart... ...
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Professor Lawrence Krauss The secret life of physicists
Find out more about the NCH Science Literacy module at http//wwwnchumorg/science-literacy Professor ... ...
Added By: Logan NotHighestPrimate
Time, Matter, and the Universe with Physicist Sean Carroll
Physicist Sean Carroll joins philosophers Richard Brown and Pete Mandik, co-hosts of the SpaceTimeMi... ...
Added By: New College of the Humanities
Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist We're Living in the Matrix
Watch My New Flotation Tank Documentary http//wwwindiegogocom/projects/within-the-void-sensory-depri... ...
Added By: spacetimemind
Deepak Chopra Faces a Real Theoretical Physicist
How does Deepak Chopra respond when confronted with an actual Theoretical Physicist? Why, he maxes o... ...
Added By: Red Pill Philosophy
What can you do with a physics degree? Take 2
Where do physics majors end up, besides broke and teaching the next mob of physics majors? How many ... ...
Added By: Cayce Pollard
【Miku Hatsune Anime】Goodbye of The Physicist【VOCALOID】-Eng subs-
aka Butsuriya no Sayonara 物理屋のサヨナラ Song by Nattoku-P English Subtitle by KyoshuLegen... ...
Added By: Physics Girl
Smart Futures STEM careers series Dr Arlene O'Neill, Physicist
Dr Arlene O'Neill is a physicist and science communicator, working in the AMBER Centre and School of... ...
Added By: reddevils500a
Devin Townsend - Kingdom
From the album Physicist Note This song does not belong to me, it belongs to its rightfull owners, n... ...
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A Career in Radiation Oncologist - Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist
This is another film in the 'A Career in Radiation Oncology' series and outlines the career of a rad... ...
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Interview with Physicist David Bohm (Part 1/5)
Interview with Bohm at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, 1989 ...
Added By: RANZCR Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
James Clerk Maxwell The Greatest Victorian Mathematical Physicists - Professor Raymond Flood
James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was one of the most important mathematical physicists of all time, a... ...
Added By: Roubiere
BLACK ACHIEVEMENTS Physicist James Gates - Computer Code Discovered In Superstring Equations!
DARK MATTER PARADIGM | http//wwwdarkmatterparadigmblogspotcom February 26, 2013 - UNITED STATES - Ph... ...
Added By: GreshamCollege
This is a cutting edge discussion with Iranian physicist MT Keshe, regarding plasma physics and alte... ...
Added By: Michael Heath
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