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Ride of the Rohirrim
Theoden's army charges through a huge orc army while Minas Tirith lays besieged Full HD 1080p This is from the extended edition (subtitles available) ...
Added By: YouTube
Rohirrim Charge HD (Blu-ray) 1080p
This is from the Bluray version and in 1080p, quite a step up from my previous version of the same v... ...
Added By: Bram Groeneveld
Rohirrim charges at Helmsdeep
Rohirrim charges downhill to aid in the battle of Helmsdeep and save Rohan Awesome scene ...
Added By: RokujyuuyonShou
charge of the rohirrim soundtrack
only one picture i do not own anything of the track or the picture have fun =) ...
Added By: Saintrascal
LOTR The Return of the King - Extended Edition - Theoden's Decision
The extended edition of when Theoden decides to answer Gondor's call for aid, and send the Rohirrim ... ...
Added By: 18GixxeR6
Themes Of The Rohirrim - Rohan Soundtrack
My favourite theme from all of Howard Shore's compositions for Middle Earth It's such a simplistic t... ...
Added By: EgalmothOfGondolin01
Il signore degli anelli - La carica dei rohirrim
Avanti Eorligas ! ...
Added By: Edward Dunedain
The Real Ride Of The Rohirrim - Making Of Lord Of The Rings
Best bit from the Making Of the Lord of the rings No Copyright Infringement Intended ...
Added By: IlTurchese
LOTR The Return of the King - Mumakil, Haradrim & Rohirrim
Fan Vid I made about the Rohirrim, the Riders of Rohan Music is Riders of Rohan by David Arkenstone ...
Added By: Redheadfury
A custom edited collection of music from the Lord of the Rings films, focused on the kingdom of Roha... ...
Added By: Darth Darth
Discurso de Theoden, en la carga de los rohirrim - Latinoamerica
Some friends and I were playing the game against a brutal AI This is a recording of a replay of our ... ...
Added By: dladymuse
LOTR Rohan + Rohirrim Soundtrack Suite
We see here the return to the theme of the people of Rohan with their brisk and joyous tune But this... ...
Added By: tomas1254456
Battle for Middle Earth II Charge of the Rohirrim
Charge of the Rohirrim soundtrack combined with march of the ents ...
Added By: SGTBizarro
Rohirrim Charge (HD)
Descargar BSO https//megaconz/#!8EN3WB6S!EwgfUylLnerO4-4v_tewpvjgENE4tJO1IZWEOk75i9o Eomer, forma tu... ...
Added By: Cpt_Carmal
The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Soundtrack - 07 The Ride of the Rohirrim
Howard Shore's The Ride of the Rohirrim from The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Sequenced with Noteworthy Composer ...
Added By: Padds123
Charge of the Rohirrim Soundtrack - NEW EPIC VERSION
Carga de los Rohirrim en los campos de Pelennor contra el ejercito de Mordor que asedia la ciudad de... ...
Added By: jediking12
Carga de los Rohirrim en los campos de Pelennor
130 dakikada başlar ordan itibaren izleyin ...
Added By: Laurent D
The Ride of the Rohirrim
Rohirrim,Theoden,Eomer,Eowin Gandalf,Pipin,Faramir XpooS and Madyb ...
Added By: camachoMT
Carga de los Rohirrim en los campos de Pelennor - Español castellano
La version francaise et integrale de la charge du roi Theoden, puis des Rohirrim d'Eomer sur les Uru... ...
Added By: WROrchestra
Yüzüklerin Efendisi-Rohirrim-İngilizce~Türkce Altyazı
Attendi il mio arrivo alla prima luce del quinto giorno All'alba, guarda a est ...
Added By: Antonio Flores
Lord Of The Rings Rohirrim (TÜRKÇE-TURKISH)
Theoden está en sus ultimas pero Gandalf y Eomer llegan en su ayuda ...
Added By: Ramazan Benlidayi
La carica dei Rohirrim
Added By: Elythisme
Llegada de los Rohirrim al Abismo de Helm 1/2
Added By: CommanderMattShepard
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