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The secrets of Scientology (Full Documentary)
The secrets of Scientology (Full Documentary) ANONYMOUS HEADQUARTERS http//AnonHQcom Become Anonymoushttp//wwwanonhqcom/be-anonymous JOIN US ...
Added By: YouTube
Scientology is Coming Apart at the Seams
The public image and public relations of the Church of Scientology has never been at such a low poin... ...
Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre An Ex-Parishoner Reveals All
This documentary is an inside look at the Scientology Celebrity Centre I begin by taking you on my j... ...
Added By: Chris Shelton
Scientology & Paul Haggis 'It's a Cult' - NBC News, Part 1 of 2
Scientology is a cult, says Academy Award-winning director Paul Haggis, a Scientologist for 34 years... ...
Added By: Steven Mango
Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )
VOTE 5 STARS TO VOTE AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY ! In the near future you will read This video is no longer available due ...
Added By: ReportsOnScientology
Scientology Whistleblower Tells All, Admits to Secretly Recording Tom Cruise
Mark Rathbun, the highest ranking whistleblower from the Church of Scientology and former Senior Exe... ...
Added By: Aleteuk
Scientology's Organizational Madness
In this video, I explain the unique and unworkable organizational structure behind Scientology and h... ...
Added By: David Pakman Show
ABC - Scientology The Ex-Files (45 min)
http//wwwabcnetau/4corners/special_eds/20100308/scientology/ Ex-members of the Church of Scientology... ...
Added By: Chris Shelton
Scientology~My Eternal Contract
This video is uploaded with the intent of educating the public regarding Scientology and its belief ... ...
Added By: WiTscha Tschi'p
Scientology Documentary Lawrence Wright talks about Going Clear
Scientology Documentary Lawrence Wright talks about Going Clear Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Lawre... ...
Added By: Robert Moor
Leah Remini Church of Scientology Wants Me to Fail
Actress who was a public supporter of the controversial church is now speaking out against it ...
Added By: gambit102
The Decline (and Probable Fall) of the Scientology Empire - Jim Lippard
Jim Lippard spoke on the history of the Church of Scientology, how it has collided with the Internet... ...
Added By: ABC News
'Going Clear' Documentary Exposes The Church of Scientology Sundance Short Cuts
Alexy Gibney and Lawrence Wright's documentary 'Going Clear' exposes the inner workings of The Churc... ...
Added By: NCASVideo
Scientology The Ex Files
Behind Scientology's high celebrity profile lies an organisation on its knees In this powerful docum... ...
Added By: The Hollywood Reporter
Brian Culkin on Scientology
Brian Culkin gave $350000 to the Church of Scientology over the course of one year After leaving the... ...
Added By: JourneymanVOD
Actor Jason Beghe hilariously smeared by Church of Scientology
Oh the lovely lies! Watch as actor Jason Beghe is visciously, and hilariously, smeared in this video... ...
Added By: Mark Bunker
BBC Panorama - Scientology and Me
An infamous BBC Panorama documentary focusing on the religion of Scientology Reporter John Sweeney v... ...
Added By: AngryGayPope
Scientology The OT Panel
Four ex-Scientologists who reached the upper levels of the group speak out about their experiences i... ...
Added By: crushproof1966
Forrest J Ackerman - L Ron Hubbard's Literary Agent - Secret Lives - Scientology
Forrest J Ackerman - L Ron Hubbard's Literary Agent - Secret Lives - Scientology This video is uploa... ...
Added By: Mark Bunker
13 Nov 2011 - Former Scientology insiders describe a world of coercion
Hy Levy lived in terror of what would happen if he didn't make his number, a weekly sales target of ... ...
Added By: KeepingSkepticismWorking
Scientology Inc Attack on Alex Gibney and HBO
In true Scientology Jihad style, the Church of Scientology flexes its muscles and in chest thumping ... ...
Added By: TeamXemu
Kathy Griffin Record Breaker Kirstie Alley and Scientology
A clip from Kathy Griffin's Dec 18 2013 Bravo! special highlighting Kirstie Alley's idiosyncrasies ...
Added By: SurvivingScientology
Scientology’s War Against Paulette Cooper with Tony Ortega
The Church of Scientology is known for attacking and intimidating it's critics, and one of the most ... ...
Added By: RinderLoyalist
Scientology Jason Beghe Interview
Actor Jason Beghe speaks about his years in Scientology and why he left the group ...
Added By: TheLipTV
Scientology Maria Pia Gardini (Full Interview)
1/21/-1 - Stacy Brooks interviews Maria Pia Gardini about her experiences with Scientology wwwxenutvcom ...
Added By: Mark Bunker
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