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Crazy Police Shootings - Shootouts Caught On Video Compilation (Warning Violence)
compilation of worst shootings caught on tape WARNING EXTREME VIOLENCE Join the most entertaining bl... ...
Added By: YouTube
Death by Officer An American Epidemic of Police Shootings and Brutality
Law enforcement officers kill an increasing number of US civilians annually Please help bring the at... ...
Added By: Blog Pigs
Top 6 Crazy Police Fatal Shootings
Top Fatal Police Gun Shootings dash cam raw uncut footage ...
Added By: Solomon Overboard
School Mass Shootings
Why do you think Mass Shootings Happen all around the world? Give your thoughts, ideas and any preve... ...
Added By: fred williams
Graphic Dashcam Video Fatal Officer Involved Shooting and Chase caught on video
Caution - Graphic DashCam Video Subscribe to RollCall2go - Daily Law Enforcement Media and Training ... ...
Added By: Anon Gump
Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings in the US
In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, we would like to offer our thoughts and cond... ...
Added By: Rollcall2go
Police shootings caught on camera two polish cops shoot a crazy man on street
A video posted Monday on LiveLeak, showing two Polish police officers involved in a street gun fight... ...
Added By: WatchMojocom
Shootings caught on tape compilation
Extra tags fight,shootings,shot,dead,deceased,murder,gang,murderer,felony,caught on tape,killed,compilation,kingston town,world star,18+,must watch ...
Added By: TomoNews US
Caught on Camera 2 Shootings Leave 3 Dead in Louisville (WAVE)
05/17/2012 http//LeakSourcewordpresscom ...
Added By: Fire8910
Gang victims describe robberies, shootings
2 Guns Gang - ages 1519 - terrorized UC area ...
Added By: LeakSource2012
Cine workers strike,shootings halted -Tv9
Cine workers strike,shootings halted ▻ Download Tv9 Android App http//googl/T1ZHNJ ▻ Subscribe t... ...
Added By: WCPO | 9 News | Cincinnati
Professor Griff & Zaza Ali discuss Elliot Rodger, Mass Shootings, and Violence in American Culture
Professor Griff and Zaza Ali join UGR Radio to discuss the recent school shooting that took place in... ...
Added By: Tv9 Telugu
Das war echt eine tolle Shooting-Reise! Ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen -) WELCHES SHOOTING fandet ih... ...
Added By: blackmagik363
CNN Breaking News - Sandy Hook/Newtown Shootings
Please keep the comments peaceful These parents suffered a lot and don't need to see all of the horr... ...
Added By: Anna Maria Damm
MOTHERS DAY SHOOTINGS 20 people injured in shooting incident in US city of New Orleans
The festive mood was shattered in New Orleans on Sunday as gunmen opened fire at a neighborhood Moth... ...
Added By: TelevisionOpens
Ottawa Killings Who Wins? Russell Brand The Trews (E174)
Russell Brand The Trews (E174) Reaction to the violence in Ottawa involving the killings of two offi... ...
Added By: WorldConflictReport
Russian Road Rage warning 18+ weapons fired drive by shootings
These guys are totally mental, they bring new meaning to the words very aggressive enjoy the clips p... ...
Added By: Russell Brand
Obama Tries Race card With Police Shootings
Obama Tries Race card With Police Shootings http//wwwtruthrevoltorg/news/obama-police-need-training-... ...
Added By: Paul Wright
12 deadliest school shootings in US history (2012)
001 The Bath School Disaster was an act of violence perpetrated by Andrew Kehoe on May 18th, 1927 in... ...
Added By: Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time
Sandy Hook school shooting was fake! Real proof!
This video contains overwhelming irrefutable proof that the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementa... ...
Added By: LittleBillysWorld
Isla Vista Shootings - A Dose of Buckley
This is a video about the kid who shot a bunch of people in California recently But REALLY, it's a video about entitlement ...
Added By: idestroyswedishfish
Horrifying footage of Marikana platinum mine shootings in South Africa
Footage captures the moment police in South Africa opened fire on armed and dangerous striking miner... ...
Added By: ADoseofBuckley
A Whole Other Story (about Police Shootings) by Poetri
There is a WHOLE OTHER STORY that you have not heard about It's a good thing I wrote a poem about it... ...
Added By: ODN
Charlie Brooker's Newswipe 25/03/09
A psychiatrists (and Charlie Brooker's) insightful perspective on news coverage's perpetuation of ma... ...
Added By: Poetri The Poet
Two people dead after two shootings on Detroit's west side
Two people dead after two shootings on Detroit's west side ...
Added By: katoi
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