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Cat vs Weta - New Zealand Dec 2012
Mal wieder nix mit Musik, aber auch recht spannend Filmed on my 50th birthday in the morning I've ne... ...
Added By: YouTube
Giant Tree Weta
Male New Zealand giant tree weta ...
Added By: MisterPoof
Bear Grylls ow-ow-ow-ow, Weta bit my Finger
Man vs Wild S07E05 Land of the Maori This episode was filmed in New Zealand's North Island, where Be... ...
Added By: SavageTV
Dinosaur Insect - Giant Weta
The heaviest insect and biggest grasshopper in the world is the Giant Weta, a dinosaur insect is uni... ...
Added By: Rick Curach
The Lord of the Rings BTS - 0106 - Weta Workshop
Watch my channel for more than 22 hours of behind the scenes material from The Lord of the Rings Please like and subscribe ...
Added By: Epic Wildlife
Weta (Male) Large New Zealand Cricket Up close and Personal
Male Weta This speices is the Auckland tree Weta (Hemideina thoracica) found in gardens and native b... ...
Added By: Internet Today
Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop - Making Eagles
Visitors to Wellington Airport can't miss the two Great Eagles hovering over the food court in the m... ...
Added By: Caryotagigas
Weta Digital's Academy Award Winners share Tissue Software Fundamentals
Everything Weta - Racing, Family sailing, rigging The ultimate fun boat New Zealand November 2008 ...
Added By: Weta Workshop
WETA Trimaran
We have a never before seen look at the world of Weta with Sir Richard Taylor ...
Added By: Weta Digital
World's first look into Weta Workshop
See the work that went on behind the scenes at Weta Workshop to help create the final instalment in ... ...
Added By: damagemann
Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies
New Zealand band formed in 1995 Had a good live reputation and were support act for Everclear, The F... ...
Added By: ONE News
Weta - Calling On
A cheeky Weta crawled across my keyboard just now, so I took it outside where it belonged ...
Added By: Weta Workshop
Friendly Weta Attack
Copyright Selam Production Re-broadcast right given to SodereCinema If you have copyright question r... ...
Added By: pandaya
Ethiopian Movie - Weta Wered Full
This year, Weta Digital's Tissue physically-based character sim framework is being recognized with a... ...
Added By: Dan Mudford
Weta Digital's Tissue System
Join The Team! ▻ http//bitly/ScreenTeam Get the Tauriel Statue at WETA http//wwwwetanzcom/tauriel-... ...
Added By: Sodere Zena
Tauriel Desolation of Smaug Statue Unboxing Weta Figure - Toys Ahoy! Ep 2
Middle-earth is a fantastical world of imagined landscapes and many incredible digital creatures We ... ...
Added By: aqviArt
VFX of The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug
Go behind the scenes and find out how the magicians at WETA Workshop brought Director Peter Jackson's vision of The Hobbit to life ...
Added By: Screen Team
Weta Digital presents a peek inside the world of the animation team as they work out how to solve on... ...
Added By: Weta Digital
ANIMATORS IN ACTION The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug
Weta Digital worked on over 500 shots on Marvel's Iron Man 3, creating the epic final battle where 3... ...
Added By: WatchTheDaily
Weta Digital VFX for Iron Man 3
Last week we landed an exclusive video interview with Weta Digital's Senior Visual Effects Superviso... ...
Added By: Weta Digital
WETA Digital's Joe Letteri Interview The Hobbit, Batman V Superman, and Avatar Sequels
Release Date 2 May 2014 (United States) It's great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) For Peter Park... ...
Added By: Weta Digital
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 - Behind the Scenes at WETA
Smaug WETA statue arrived tonight and I decided I would record the unboxing for the channel Looks to... ...
Added By: ColliderVideos
WETA statue Smaug the Terrible unboxing
Watch my channel for more than 22 hours of behind the scenes material from The Lord Of The Rings Please like and subscribe ...
Added By: Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Lord of the Rings BTS - 0207 - Weta Digital
Got the WETA replica Butterfly sword in the mail this week! It takes a bit longer to open real-life ... ...
Added By: lotrsbgbattles
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